jQuery simulate extended

jQuery Simulate Extended Plugin

The simulate extended plugin provides methods for simulating complex user interactions based on the jQuery.simulate.js plugin from jQuery UI.


The plugin provides simulation of:

Additionally, the extended plugin includes documentation and fixes for the jQuery simulate plugin itself.


To use the jQuery simulate extended plugins, include jquery.simulate.js, jquery.simulate.ext.js and then the desired plugins (in that order).

The simulations are executed by calling the .simulate() function on a jQuery object. The simulation is then executed on all elements in the collection of the jQuery object (unless otherwise noted).

The types of simulated actions are:


$('#myInput').simulate("key-sequence", {sequence: "asdf"});

More Demos

The demos folder contains a demonstration of most of the features of the simulate extended plugins.

Live demos can be found at jsFiddle and JS Bin where you can also play around with the plugin:


The options and events for the different interactions are described in the files in the doc folder:


The plugin requires


The plugins have been successfully tested with jQuery 1.7.2 and jQuery Simulate @485ca7192a. However, they should be compatible with future versions.


Copyright © 2012 Jochen Ulrich

Licensed under the MIT license.


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